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Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton both inspect seasonal housing and provide landlords with licenses. Be certain that you are renting from a landlord who has been inspected and approved by the respective municipality.



  • Contact your sponsor to see if the housing is secured by them or your employer before you start searching for your own housing.

  • Ask to see the place you will be renting before you commit.

  • Check for existing damages or problems and make a list of them. Video is great.  Be certain to discuss these issues with the landlord before you rent to make sure you are all in agreement about any issues.

  • Carefully read and listen to the terms of the housing agreements in writing and verbally. After signing and paying your deposit, you are expected to honor your commitment to the agreement for the full term of the lease.

  • Follow all of the housing rules.

  • Pay your rent on time and always get a receipt for any money that you pay.

  • Do not cause any damage to the apartment, grounds, furnishings, appliances, etc.

  • Do not move out without informing your rental manager.

  • Do not overcrowd your living area with extra students. This can usually put all of you in violation of building and fire codes.

  • Damaging your housing, overcrowding your housing, not paying rent on time, or not honoring parts of your agreement can result in not getting your deposit back and/or being evicted.

  • If you are having an issue with your rental, please try to resolve the issue with your rental manager. If you cannot come to an agreement, contact your sponsor.  You may also contact the Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton International Student Committee and we will help identify the problem and solve the issue by contacting the proper authority.

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