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To learn more about wages and employment taxes in the U.S., please click on the appropriate topic below.


It is very important to protect your earned wages and money, follow these tips to help keep your money safe. Do NOT keep large sums of money on your person or at your housing. If you do not have a company pay card or cannot keep your money safe, you should open a checking or savings bank account. Search different banks in the area to find one that offers free student accounts and may not need a social security number right away to open it. If you receive a debit card when you open your account, do not share your PIN with anyone and keep your card in a safe place with you at all times.

You can find a list of local banks by clicking here.


Taxes can change from year to year, so please reference the website: and/or your sponsor’s information on taxes to be sure you have the most current information.

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